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Fashion Entrepreneur and Tech Grad Gives Back to Inspire Success

It’s been a busy week for VentureLab. This past Monday we had the incredible honor of hosting the Georgia Tech graduate and wildly successful entrepreneur Audrey McLoghlin.

Audrey (class of ’99) is the founder and CEO of Frank and Eileen, a luxury clothing brand established in 2009 which counts names such as Meghan Markle, Oprah Winfrey, and Angelina Jolie amongst its clientele. To match Audrey’s desire to make a positive impact with her success, Frank and Eileen gained B Corp certification in 2020 with the second highest impact score for a globally recognized U.S. fashion brand (only trailing behind Patagonia). As part of Audrey’s goal to make a positive impact with her company, she set out to give back to Georgia Tech by donating funds to support female entrepreneurs.

To learn more about the founders program her funding would support, Audrey toured campus with Sara Martin and Melissa Heffner on Monday where she met with alumnae entrepreneurs from VentureLab’s female founders program to share experiences and how they developed their own ventures. Audrey also met withRaghupathy “Siva” Sivakumar, Georgia Tech’s recently appointed VP of Commercialization to discuss the future of entrepreneurship at Tech.

Audrey followed up her visit the next day by sharing her experiences and answering questions about her story via a webinar hosted by Melissa Heffner for VentureLab’s “How She Built It” speaker series. During the call Audrey and Melissa discussed failure and resilience as a female entrepreneur and the experiences that led Audrey to maintain 100% ownership of her company while creating impact for good. She had extremely valuable lessons to share about turning things around when everything goes wrong as well as advice for young entrepreneurs who don’t have access to traditional sources of funding. Check out the recording here.

You can read more about Audrey’s extremely generous donation to Georgia Tech here.

You can also check out VentureLab’s LinkedIn page with more information and links to information about our other great entrepreneurship events.

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