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Environmental Health Technology Takes Top Spot in Innovation

Every year Georgia Tech coordinates the Career, Research, and Innovation Development Conference (CRIDC) to showcase career opportunities, research, and innovative developments by the graduate student community. As part of the conference VentureLab hosts the Innovation competition, a series of short pitches by graduate researchers on the commercialization opportunities they have developed. We are so excited to announce Mo Jarin as the winner of this year's innovation competition!

During a three minute pitch, Mo introduced the audience to VoltaPure, a water disinfection technology. Mo's success in pitching her idea should be no surprise. She is an alumna of VentureLab's Female Founder program and has also been awarded NSF I-Corps grant funding to develop her product, all this aside from her work on the Create-X program.

Congratulations Mo!

Read more about Mo, VoltaPure, and the other amazing commercialization projects presented at the Innovation Competition here:

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