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Industry Mentors


"Participating... has been very insightful and rewarding for me personally as it has introduced me to a group of incredibly bright and passionate entrepreneurs who are eager to test their business concepts with a team of Mentors that bring a wide variety of experience and expertise. This is a great opportunity for these young researchers and budding entrepreneurs. I wish I had such a group to lean on early in my career!"

Lee Riesterer, CEO, Gray Rock Digital

You can become a mentor with a university to be called upon to help specific National, Regional, or Sites teams or to assist in a mentor pool with regional cohorts. Sites teams, receive micro-grants on an ad-hoc basis or through scheduled programs at I-Corps Sites locations to conduct rapid customer discovery and determine if the I-Corps National Teams program is the right path forward in their commercialization journey. You can also join a mentor network to be as low touch as having coffee with teams to help them understand the ecosystem better.

If you are in the south east region and are interested in joining the I-Corps South mentor network please contact us and we will help incorporate you into the entrepreneurship ecosystem and mentor network which would make the most sense based on your experience and location.


National Level

Teams must include an industry mentor who contributes to customer research and guidance on how to pivot based on the team's research findings. This requires a 7-week commitment including a national kick-off event, closing event, participation in customer interviews, and weekly WebEx calls.


Regional Level

Industry mentors work with Regional I-Corps Cohort teams to share their industry experience. There can be individual mentors dedicated to specific teams or a pool of mentors for multiple teams and/or the entire cohort to lean on for coaching and advice.​ These programs typically run 3-4 lengths and might require anywhere from 5-20 hours of time depending on the program structure over the duration.

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