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National I-Corps

National I-Corps

With the success of the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps program, universities across the United States are adopting and implementing evidence-based entrepreneurship programs to encourage economic development and commercialization efforts at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Vetting Teams


Given the high expectations for participating in an I-Corps Teams Cohort, the I-Corps South Team offers a preliminary screening exercise that simulates what can be expected during the national application process. We ensure that teams nominated from the Node are well-suited and prepared for the rigor and understanding needed for the national cohort. If you have teams that are ready to apply and would like to have them go through our screening process, please reach out to us!


“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” -Aristotle

Instructor Academy



What to Expect



Instructor Academy


Instructor Academy is designed to share both methodologies and instructor strategies for success, tactical classroom management techniques, and other tools to successfully host an evidence-based entrepreneurship course. The course covers program modification opportunities and the in-person sessions allow you to gather with peers from institutions and organizations throughout the country to discuss what works best when teaching I-Corps-styled curriculum.


The implementation of the I-Corps program has prompted the need for instructors trained in the I-Corps and Lean Startup methodologies. I-Corps South’s Instructor Academy was created to educate, coach, and support emerging instructors so that they can become well-versed in the Lean Startup methodology and deliver well-rounded I-Corps programs to teams of entrepreneurs.


I-Corps program tools and philosophies are readily available through the Creative Commons licensing, and books are available for purchase to learn the specifics of the Business Model Canvas and Customer Discovery best practices; however, there is more to implementing I-Corps-based programs than simply teaching the content. 


The way in which the course is implemented and the process by which the I-Corps program coaches entrepreneurs and companies to discern insight from their customer discovery interviews is a methodology in and of itself.


Read the Instructor Academy Whitepaper

I-Corps South’s Instructor Academy programs are run at various points throughout the year. There are limited seats for each Instructor Academy, so please reach out now if you would like to attend any of the upcoming sessions.


University instructors and other organizations are invited to participate in Instructor Academy.  Applicants are placed into cohorts as space is available. Check out recent events if you are interested in participating in an Instructor Academy program. If you're there are no upcoming events posted, reach out to us and we'll add you to our waitlist.



Attend an Instructor Academy and obtain a copy of the Instructor Academy handbook. Start the process now.


“The two days spent attending the Instructor Academy deepened my understanding of the methodologies of evidence-based entrepreneurship, and provided crucial guidance on how to teach teams going through customer discovery. It incorporates theory as well as practice coaching and critiquing in a mindful manner.”

Nona Black, MBA Candidate at Scheller College of Business

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