Female Founders Initiative

I-Corps South launched the Female Founders Initiative in the fall of 2020 with a fully virtual four-week introductory program. It is one of several customized Regional I-Corps Cohorts we provide. The initiative has grown to consist of a four-week Phase 1 program and a follow-on five-week Phase 2 program. We developed this Initiative in order to facilitate more female-led entrepreneurial teams into I-Corps. Georgia Tech (I-Corps South's Node location) has done an excellent job of recruiting both male and female students equally, but those efforts had yet to be reflected well in the entrepreneurship ecosystem on campus. The Female Founders Initiative is our response to that gap and the need on campus and regionally for more equitable opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

What to Expect

Female Founders Phase 1, Introduction to Lean Startup, is a 4-week Regional Cohort short course that focuses on teaching the basics of the lean startup methodology, discussing topics related to women in entrepreneurship, and encouraging teams to begin their customer discovery efforts.


Female Founders Phase 2, Application of Lean Startup, is a 5-week Regional Cohort that puts priority on seeing the teams progress quickly in their customer discovery and business model canvas efforts for their startup teams. Both programs strive to provide an environment for women entrepreneurs. This is accomplished through our all female teaching team, all female mentors, and an all female cast of guest speakers who are successful women entrepreneurs. With these programs, we seek to coach female-led startup teams, meaning those where the founder or at least one co-founder is female. The programs are currently open to teams from across the Southeast, with an emphasis on deep technology teams.

When to Join

We are hosting an info session for Phase 1 on February 15 from 4:00-4:45pm Eastern Time.


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