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I-Corps is based on the Lean Launchpad methodology developed by Steve Blank and uses the Business Model Canvas popularized by Alex Osterwalder. Teams are taught the strategies for creating a business thesis and hypotheses about a business model. These hypotheses are then tested in a specific market segment through conducting customer interviews.

The Regional I-Corps curriculum is a 5-week program for teams of 2-4 persons interested in commercializing research. Teams must apply and be accepted in order to participate. The course consists of  a 2-day kickoff workshop, 3 weekly meetings, and a 1-day conclusion. For details or questions please visit the Programs.

We will combine in-class lectures with out of class learning. You will discover your business model by going out and interviewing people; therefore, participants will need to commit at least one day a week on top of class time for this program to be successful.

We will cover the Customer Discovery method developed by Steve Blank, the Business Model Canvas popularized by Alex Osterwalder.

Customer Discovery

Learn about your market by meeting with and interviewing customers and influencers. Each team will conduct 50 different interviews over the course of 5 weeks.

Business Model Canvas

Each team will build a compelling business model based on evidence collected during customer discovery. This will be organized as a business model canvas, which includes: value propositions, customer segments, key activities, key resources, key partners, channels, and revenue streams.

What do those who have completed I-Corps think?

Here’s something written by a recent participant:

“I participated in national program of NSF I-Crops. The experience has been tremendously helpful for me. The process not only gives you the tools that you need to take an idea to market but also helps refocus the thinking from technology (or product) to customers which are fundamentally indispensable for any business to succeed. The rigor in I-Corps program helps a entrepreneur to understand the kinds of pressure with starting a business by providing a glimpse of startup life. The interview requirements help you develop conversation and more importantly listening skills. In short, I highly recommend I-Corps program to anyone thinking about starting a business.”